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How does it work ?

What is a Vegidair ?

Vegidair is an indoor electronic garden operating autonomously and automatically. It makes the existence of an indoor vegetable garden possible.

How does Vegidair work ?

A tray perforated in 12 locations makes the planting of " capsuls Vegidair « possible. These capsules are composed of a substratum, which is a concentrate of the necessary amount of cultivable land for the growth of the plant.
In these capsules you insert the seed of your choice. These capsules , once introduced into the Vegidair , are moistened by a pump automatically every 4 hours . So simple !

How can a garden can live indoor without light ?

Again, the device is simple: above your Vegidair is set a Led lamp to provide the essential light in seed development . This lamp is activated on the day and switched off at night. Automatically.

How are light and water made available to the plant?

All you need to do is Simply plug your Vegidair to provide it with light and fill the water tank inside the Vegidair, once a month.


Do I also need to buy capsules and seeds ?

Absolutely, land capsules once used by the plant must be renewed . The cultivable land concentrates are purchasable on our website at a very low price. You can also move the plant and install a new capsule for it to continue to live naturally.
Moreover, if you want to change the vegetal products you plant in your Vegidair, buying new seeds is possible via our website.

Wouldn’t my energy expense be then too high?

The Vegidair light system has an electrical cost of 2 euros per month. Furthermore 8 liters of water only are sufficient for two months of pure Vegidair autonomy.

Plant quality

Aren’t your vegetables a little chemical ?

Vegidair is more organic than organic! The capsules are guaranteed without pesticides , GMO , and the seeds are certified to be made in France . You may never have eaten vegetables and products as fresh and good for your health.

All year long ?

All year long. Your product is arable at any season. Vegidair the plants are not subject to the hazard of the sun, the climate and seasons ! Vegidair is an ecosystem in itself .

The farming of these products should be long right ?

Again Vegidair is not only an aesthetic product “to look beautiful and organic." Vegidair allows you to have a true inner culture.
A single Vegidair can grow twelve complete plants per month. (Yes, per month). Take chives for example. Chives can be harvested three weeks after planting. After having harvested once, wait 3 more weeks and you can harvest your second batch ! You won’t even need to use another seed ! A single plant can afford several crops. This garden is convenient right ?

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